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Embracing Russian Traditions: A Memorable Maslenitsa Experience

As expat teachers, attending the Maslenitsa event for the first time was truly an unforgettable experience that showed us the richness of Russian culture.

The event, held outside the elementary school's main entrance, immersed us in a vibrant celebration of tradition and community.

The atmosphere was vibrant from the moment the event started, with popular Russian folk songs like ‘Kalinka’ welcoming excited children and parents who were adorned in traditional costumes.
Witnessing the spirited performances of Russian dance, song and instrumental pieces by the kids further deepened our appreciation for the country's rich cultural heritage.
Participating in traditional games like pillow fights, pancake flipping and watching the symbolic dance around the pole (representing the transition from winter to spring) added to our fascination of Slavic folklore.
The fashion show, featuring village attire, offered insights into Russian rural life, while the tea party, complete with a Samovar and delectable Russian snacks, was a gastronomic delight.
During the the workshops we observed the children creating traditional items alongside parents. It was heartwarming to see children passionate about their own culture. Their artistic work gave us some insight into Russian craftsmanship, which is evident not only in clothing, but in all the traditional artifacts and pieces that we saw today.
The festival culminated with a lively Russian folk dance, music and of course the burning of the effigy, all of which left us with a truly memorable experience of cultural immersion and learning, reaffirming our love for Russia and its rich traditions.

By Nikhil and George

English Language Teachers.

Eureka School, Sakhalin