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Summer Camp Sand Art Masterclass: A Fun and Educational Experience

This summer, Ms. Olga organized an amazing Sand Art Masterclass in collaboration with polylingual teachers. The kids truly enjoyed the classes, as it introduced them to a unique way of expressing their imaginations using a common natural material—SAND. Ms. Olga chose themes based on "Egypt the Lost City," where students created beautiful pyramids, ancient Egyptian symbols, beach scenes, sea and desert animals, imaginary creatures, and various patterns.

The objective of this masterclass was to foster creativity while enhancing their English and Japanese skills. Students communicated with expat teachers, learning new vocabulary and simple sentence structures. They also practiced understanding instructions and answering questions in English and Japanese. This hands-on experience made learning fun and interactive, leaving a lasting impact on the students.

Overall, the Sand Art Masterclass was a great success, combining art and language learning in an enjoyable and educational way.

Автор: Nikhil Chauhan